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I just wanted to say a big thank you and jazakAllah for all your help in helping us find a suitable spouse for my son.

Munira, Leicester

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Thank you so much, words can't express my gratitude. You found the perfect match for my daughter first time round!

Yasmin, Birmingham

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You were very helpful in sending me the right profiles that match and were very quick in responding to messages. May Allah reward you.

Somaiya, Leicester

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Really well organised event … a really good concept. Relaxing enough to make us forget why we were here!

Zaakira, Leicester

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Had a nice time meeting new people. It was relaxed, no pressure. This is my first foray and it's been a very positive experience so thank you very much!

Sidrah, Sheffield

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We are absolutely amazed by Smart Matrimony's help throughout this difficult journey.

Mrs S, Lancashire

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The service has been wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for changing my life and finding me a good life partner.

Miss J, Cambridgeshire

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You haven’t just changed two people's lives but you have brought together two families and you don’t know how much that means to us.

Mrs S, Peterborough

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